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February 2015

10 DAYS- 9 OF SUNSHINE, 1 VERY WET! A lovely break.

We walked over the cliffs to Praia Grande, Ferragudo

021for a late lunch…. 020


……and jazz 019




We walked the beach at  Alvor and paddled at Prainha….






as well as to Caneiros, and into Ferragudo itself.


A day in Lagos…..012









We explored the beaches around Sagres, and will definitely return to do some walking in the area!


We don’t seem to have added any news for ages….

so here are a few photos from 2014.

February 2014


May 2014. Praie Grande…    020






The new boardwalks above Carvoiero…   047







A November walk from Praie du Vau to Alvor





Surfing from Gale….   November 2014     102






November 2013

Beautiful weather. Just a short break….

A fabulous meal in Alvor…  alvor 3

And a picnic on the beach……   


October 2013  – “Or diary of a golf widow”


On my own for a few days while Andy is on a golfing break.
Quite liberating – but don’t tell Andy.
Quite a few owners here that I know so can find company when I need it.
Hired an automatic car, so quite happy driving around locally. Miss the walking – can’t really do that on my own.  Best times – lounging by the pool, a trip to Silves (lunch at the cafe under

Silves for lunch

the trees below the castle) and another into the square at Ferragudo, (Ferragudo gets better every year, such a lovely place to be, so much to see. Spent time watching the fishermen winding their nets, the birds and the boats, the busy ferry back and forth to Praia dRoche or just simply people watching.)

The Ferry arriving at Soueste, Ferragudo

Fabulous evening meal with Charlotte at Ghosto. (Was  good to do  Ferragudo and Silves  without a man stopping you from going in all the lovely little shops.). A lazy lunch on the beach at Praia Grande, Ferragudo. The golfing pharmacists turn up on Tuesday and we all have a great lunch at the beach bar at Pintadinho. It is a working holiday, so I spend some time working on the parish magazine (I am editor), but mostly I just relaxed.
A couple of days later, Andy is back and we do our usual walks and eat at some of our favourite places. Nowhere new this time, but a great time even so.


June 2013

Ferragudo sunset
Really enjoyed walking out late in the day for food.  Lazy days, then a walk into Ferragudo along the cliffs for food, back along the main road after dark.  Suppose a taxi might be easier, but walking makes us feel good about ourselves!
We have so enjoyed the atmosphere in the square this year.

Fresh fish in Ferragudo


We tried to prove were still young and visited Loule for an evening music festival.  Got the time wrong, so didn’t start well, but a lovely evening. Hustle and bustle, colour, good food and lots of live music.  Where can you go wrong?


May 2013
Only time to snatch a quick break from the builders…
Just enjoyed the local walking.
Love the wild flowers this time of year…..
February 2013
A lovely walk on the boardwalks, then fabulous food by the harbour at Alvor…
A drive over the border into Spain and Seville for a couple of days.  Been wanting to do this for ages. Will definitely come back again!
Caneiros for more fish and to watch the surfers.




December 2012
Great weather.  Lots of walking.  Over the cliffs to Pintadinho…..
…A longer walk over the cliffs to Carvoiero (lovely lunch at Onze – taxi back!)


A circular walk from Armacoa de Pera

Appreciating the locals..

Paddling on Praia da Roche

… And a paddle from Praia da Roche





Beautiful weather.  Hot but not oppressive.  Barbecues, pool time, good food – gentle walks in the evenings.  Ate mainly where we could walk to to make the most of the longer days while we can.  Visited the two markets at Loule on Saturday (wished we’d got up a little earlier so we had more time.)  Shopping trip to Portimao (tried to visit the museum behind the sailing club, but it closes on Mondays- will try again as it looked interesting).  A stroll around Lagos.
June 2012.
A  great holiday.  We don’t usually go when it is so hot (this was the last week in June and we would normally go early June ), but it was lovely to just relax by the pool, have lazy lunches at the beach, catch up with friends.  We particularly enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the square in Ferragudo at this time and also Carvoiero on the night Portugal lost to Spain in the football! (Beautiful views over the town at night.  Entertainment with traditional music obviously laid on for a celebration.  The Spanish victory meant that most of the Portuguese went home, but hey – we enjoyed it!) We walked to the Paradis for a lovely meal one evening and ended our visit with lunch at Caneiros. Heaven!